World Languages Institute: Korean

Whether you want to learn to speak Korean for business or travel, our beginning and intermediate classes are a great way to learn.

Our classes emphasize speaking Korean in culturally appropriate contexts. Classes teach conversational skills as well as Hangul, the Korean alphabet.

Lessons cover how to:
•Engage in simple conversations
•Ask and respond to simple questions
•Write simple sentences on everyday topics
•Read a variety of basic written materials
•Interact in social, business, and travel situations in a culturally appropriate manner.

Classes meet once a week in the evening for 9 weeks. Our instructor is a native Korean speaker with extensive teaching experience

Current Korean Classes

  • Basic Korean Conversation

    Learn how to use the Korean language in various real-life situations, such as greetings and conversation. Intended for students who are fam... More »

  • Korean 1

    This course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of Korean. Topics covered will include basic Korean structure, conversation, a... More »

  • Korean 3

    This course is for students who have had two quarters of Korean or the equivalent.

    Textbook: Sogang Korean 1A, ISBN: 978-8-97699-... More »

  • Korean 5

    This course is for students who have had four quarters of Korean or the equivalent.

    Textbook: Sogang Korean 1B, ISBN: 978-8-97699... More »

  • Korean 9

    In this class, students will work on improving their language skills with focus on conversation. Students will be able to ask for and give ... More »

Featured Instructor

Jamie Lucero, Instructor and Translation Tools Expert

Jamie Lucero, Translation and Interpretation Certificate Instructor, is a translation tools expert who teaches others who are highly fluently bilingual how to use these tools. Read more. . .

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