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Do you want to write children’s books, novels, nonfiction, screenplays, or memoirs? Come discover your writing niche and find your personal writing style in our literary arts classes.

Classes also available for teen writers.

Current Literary Arts Classes

  • Awakening the Writers Mind

    The creative writing process is mysterious. Where does our writing come from? Words seem to appear magically on the page, conjured from thin... More »

  • Beginning Screenwriting

    Is your dream to become a screenwriter? Do you brainstorm script ideas or start writing but do not know what to do next? This class is the... More »

  • Cartoon Illustration

    Become the cartoonist you always dreamed of in this introduction to the art of cartooning! For artists who aspire to (1) illustrate books, (... More »

  • Children's Book Illustration

    Immerse yourself in the world of children's book illustration with this introductory course. Using a variety of media, you'll learn basic te... More »

  • Cultivating Complex Characters

    While a strong plot makes a story worth telling, it is multilayered, nuanced characters who make a story worth reading. Learn six techniques... More »

  • From Concept to Publication

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a book and get it published? This class will cover the novel writing process, plus explore pu... More »

  • Intermediate Screenwriting

    This class is a continuation of the Beginning Screenwriting class which emphasizes story structure, plot, and character development. You st... More »

  • Intermediate Writing Workshop

    This course is designed for those who've taken Ready, Set, Write or any other beginning-level writing course and are eager to keep the prac... More »

  • Introduction to Graphic Novels

    Create your own graphic novel. Using your original story, we will go step by step through the process of scripting, storyborarding, pacin... More »

  • Outlining and Creating Your Romance Novel

    This course is designed to help romantic storywriters who already have a love story idea in mind, whether they are beginners or experienc... More »

  • The Plot Thickens

    In this course, students will focus on structuring the novel–often the most challenging part of novel-writing. Discover the three words th... More »

  • Using Archetypes in Writing Romance

    Learn how to be inspired by old love stories and develop your own romance. In this course we will explore eight familiar love stories, le... More »

  • Write Your Novel in a Month

    Is writing a novel one of your life-long dreams? Join this 8 week class as it hooks up with 100,000 writers worldwide for National Novel Wr... More »

  • Writing the Hidden Story

    Your characters live and breathe because of a hidden story—one you must go deep within to find. A work of fiction that is disconnected fr... More »

  • Crafting Memory into Memoir 1

    We recall our pasts in fragments, so how can we turn random memories into structured narrative? We'll first analyze the works of writers an... More »

  • Intuitive Writing

    Unlock your natural literary voice, and see what it has to say. You will be surprised! We all have a spark of native genius. We sense it d... More »

  • Writing and Book Coach

    Want targeted, one-on-one assistance with your writing? If you are working on a writing project or a book for either professional or person... More »

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