Art & Design Classes: Painting

Interested in self-expression with a brush? Learn the basics as well as the fine points in our painting classes. Let our expert instructors teach you how to compose your work, mix and apply its colors, and draw and sketch with paint. Explore a wide range of media including watercolor, acrylics, oil, and encaustic, or pigmented wax. Discover how to make your painting rich and dramatic. Learn layering techniques that can add depth and luminosity to a unique reflection of your creative spirit.

Current Painting Classes

  • Abstract Watercolors

    This class combines the expressive, personal, exciting vision of Abstraction with the smaller, particular, intimate beauty of Watercolors... More »

  • Art Rx: Art for What Ails You

    Want a break from your computer? Come and visit your right brain, in this playful, innovative art class that explores the mysteries of c... More »

  • Collage Art

    Collage is simply the art of pasting together bits of “found” (discarded) or painted paper to create a whole new work of art. Modern col... More »

  • Creative Composition and Design with Paintings

    Discover how to use old and new methods to compose a painting, using various techniques to achieve interesting designs. Using their preferre... More »

  • Deciphering Concept & Context in Art

    This interactive lecture/workshop endeavors at getting participants to look, observe and study an eclectic range of paintings from European/... More »

  • Landscape Painting in Oils

    If you love painting landscapes or have you always wanted to try it, this class is for you! Starting with basic shapes to develop an unde... More »

  • Oil Painting: Beginning and Continuing

    Working from still life, students will learn fundamental oil painting techniques with a focus on composition & color theory, including b... More »

  • Open Art Lab

    Take the opportunity to practice the skills taught in class at your own pace. Labs will be monitored by Art instructors, who will be avai... More »

  • Painting Yourself Out of the Mud

    As the student becomes more familiar with and confident with oil paints, the common issue of the "muddying of colors" is often still present... More »

  • Pastels for Landscape and Figures

    Working with pastels is unlike any other medium. The color you put down is direct and immediate. In this class, you will learn fun ways to a... More »

  • Plein Air Painting Indoors and Out

    Plein Air painting, whether actually out-of-doors or an intérieur setting, is about being intimate with your subject, with the light and sh... More »

  • Underpainting With Water-Based Medium

    Underpainting is a realistic painting method that is done in brown or grays, then sealed and painted over with oils and has been used for ce... More »

  • Acrylics: Beginning

    A great intro class for beginners or as a re-examination of fundamentals for any skill level. Working from still life, we'll study compos... More »

  • Acrylics: Continuing

    Take your acrylic skills to the next level and get the most out of your painting. Explore many techniques used to create a rich and unique p... More »

  • Art and Soul

    The creative impulse springs from the deepest part of us. It is the seat of our genius and authenticity. Once ignited, there is a longing ... More »

  • From Photo to Watercolor Illustration

    Explore the basic techniques needed to plan and create finished watercolor paintings for framing or for the illustration market by experimen... More »

  • Watercolor: Beginning

    This fun, informative and stress-free class is designed for the beginning watercolorist. The course takes you step-by-step from the basic wa... More »

  • Watercolor: Continuing

    This is a class intended for those who have learned the fundamentals of watercolor painting and want to take them to the next level. We will... More »

  • Chinese Sumi Painting and Calligraphy (Beg/Cont)

    Don’t paint just what you see, paint what you feel. Painting with soul is the fundamental idea of sumi painting and calligraphy. Study the... More »

  • Painting and Abstraction

    Discover the art of Modern life: Learn a new way of thinking and seeing, and create dynamic Abstract paintings. Express your inner self in y... More »

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Learn How to Use Color and Sculpt in Encaustic with Artist Deborah Kapoor

In addition to two courses on how to use color, artist Deborah Kapoor will teach courses in Encaustic Sculpture and in Found Object & Assemblage this quarter. Read more. . .

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