Art & Design Classes: Painting

Interested in self-expression with a brush? Learn the basics as well as the fine points in our painting classes. Let our expert instructors teach you how to compose your work, mix and apply its colors, and draw and sketch with paint. Explore a wide range of media including watercolor, acrylics, oil, and encaustic, or pigmented wax. Discover how to make your painting rich and dramatic. Learn layering techniques that can add depth and luminosity to a unique reflection of your creative spirit.

Current Painting Classes

  • Encaustic and Fiber

    Learn how to incorporate fiber into 2 and 3-D encaustic works in this 3 day workshop. Using fabric, paper, thread and ephemera we will explo... More »

  • Encaustic and the Written Word

    Explore how to utilize text as an image source to create forms with words, and use words as a basis to provide content in encaustic works in... More »

  • History of the Art of Encaustic

    Learn the historical development of encaustic use in Western civilization including ancient to the present cultures. In this class you will ... More »

  • Illustration Communication

    Illustration is a communication tool used in advertising, branding, publishing, manufacturing and packaging. This class will give you an op... More »

  • Introduction to Encaustic

    Encaustic painting, also called painting with wax, is an ancient medium of beeswax, damar resin and pure pigment recognized for its visually... More »

Featured Article

Learn How to Use Color and Sculpt in Encaustic with Artist Deborah Kapoor

In addition to two courses on how to use color, artist Deborah Kapoor will teach courses in Encaustic Sculpture and in Found Object & Assemblage this quarter. Read more. . .

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