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Let our experienced instructors help you develop your talent and guide you on the path to more polished performances. Develop skills in music, radio, dance, drama, and other performing arts through our classes and workshops.

Current Performing Arts Classes

  • Acting: Improvisation for Beginners

    Have you been wanting to try and develop your improvisation skills? Through games and exercises that improvisers all over the world use - in... More »

  • Ballroom Sampler: Couples Only

    Learn the basic steps of the Fox Trot and the East Coast Swing while dancing to Jazz and Big Band music in a fun and supportive environment.... More »

  • Broadcast Audio Production

    Learn the basic skills of radio production. We’ll cover studio voice recording, digital multitrack editing, and the art of creating effect... More »

  • Introduction to Playwriting

    Explore the basics of writing for the stage. In this course we'll examine the craft of playwriting through a variety of in-class writing exe... More »

  • Latin Sampler: Salsa and Rumba

    Add some Latin spice to your life! You will have fun learning the basics of Salsa and Rumba in this relaxed and fun atmosphere taught by in... More »

  • Public Radio Journalism- Reporting, News Gathering, and Storytelling

    The course introduces students to the basic tools, techniques and vocabulary of Community Radio journalism. We will discuss ethical issues i... More »

  • Salsa: Level 1

    Designed for the beginner, this easy course will focus on the man’s lead and the woman’s following skills. Tom Riza and Kathi Urban are ... More »

  • Social Dance Beginners II

    Have you had some dance experience in the past and want to learn more? This class is for students wanting to expand their techniques, dance ... More »

  • Social Dance Sampler

    This is a great opportunity to learn the basics in 3 different dances that you can use socially at a wedding, cruise or upcoming Holiday Par... More »

  • Swing Sampler

    Learn the basic steps and technique in two different forms of Swing: West Coast (danced to slow Rock 'n Roll, Blues and Jazz) and the East C... More »

  • West Coast Swing: Level 1

    This fun and versatile form of Swing is favored by dancers from coast to coast! Learn the basics and develop a foundation in leading and fol... More »

  • Basic Broadcasting

    Become a part of community radio by learning to be a DJ! This class teaches the basics of non-commercial radio broadcasting at Bellevue Col... More »

  • Voice-Over: NOW is YOUR Time!

    YOU'VE HEARD LISA FOSTER ON TV AND RADIO COMMERCIALS! Now hear Lisa LIVE as she illustrates how YOU could actually begin using your speaking... More »

  • Class Voice

    Enjoy natural, relaxed singing in a class atmosphere. Learn the basics of tone production, breathing, and pitch control and beyond. Supporti... More »

  • Acting for Beginners

    This introductory course focuses on the fundamentals of acting. We'll explore many of the tools and techniques the pros use to create a role... More »

  • Jazz and Ballet Workout

    Do you find working out at the gym tedious? Then this class is for you! Bringing together the energetic and rhythmic movements of jazz dance... More »

  • Social Dance Beginners I

    Want to learn to dance? In this fun and easy class you will be introduced to the world of dancing with partners and will learn the basics of... More »

  • Social Dance: Intermediate/Advanced

    Continue to improve dance techniques, styling, and musicality as you learn new steps and dances. The emphasis will be on the International S... More »

  • Guitar: Beginning I

    In this fun and supportive course you will learn the basics of playing guitar in any style: chords and tab, strumming and finger picking, re... More »

  • Guitar: Beginning II

    In this fun and supportive course you will build on skills learned in Guitar I and refine your guitar playing technique. Learn easy popular ... More »

  • Piano: Beginning I

    Learn to read and play music! You will be introduced to music theory and also play piano in this group piano class for beginners. Course wo... More »

  • Piano: Beginning II

    Improve your piano skills! You will continue to develop your piano skills from the Piano: Beginning I class. Course work includes basic han... More »

  • String Orchestra

    Ever have the desire to perform music with other people? If you play a stringed instrument (or used to) and you can read simple music, this ... More »

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