World Languages Institute: Portuguese

Portuguese is the national language of Portugal and Brazil and is spoken in a number of other countries. Whether your interest is travel or personal enjoyment, you can learn to speak Portuguese with the help of our expert instructor. Classes are designed for those with little or no experience in the language.

Lessons cover how to:
•Engage in short conversations
•Ask and respond to basic questions
•Read and write short sentences on everyday topics
•Apply fundamental Portuguese grammar concepts
•Develop an understanding of the Portuguese culture.

Portuguese classes meet once a week for 10 weeks. Our instructors are native Portuguese speakers.

Current Portuguese Classes

  • Portuguese 1

    This beginning course provides the necessary tools for the student to engage in simple conversations in Brazilian Portuguese and to acquire ... More »

Featured Instructor

Jamie Lucero, Instructor and Translation Tools Expert

Jamie Lucero, Translation and Interpretation Certificate Instructor, is a translation tools expert who teaches others who are highly fluently bilingual how to use these tools. Read more. . .

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