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Applications developers or programmers typically write, test, and maintain detailed programs for implementation in desktop, network, and web environments. Successful programmers must be creative, use good problem-solving techniques, have a keen sense of business needs, and possess an excellent understanding of customer requirements. They must also possess the technical and functional skills to analyze, design, develop, and implement object-oriented applications for a variety of audiences. For those pursuing careers as programmers, application development skills and an understanding of specific tools and technologies continue to be the qualifications in highest demand by employers in the technology sector.

Current Programming Classes

  • Android Development Boot Camp

    Android provides a rich framework to build applications in Java. The focus of this class is to become a knowledgeable Android application de... More »

  • Beginning Drone Piloting and Safety

    The Basic Drone Pilot and Safety Course prepares individuals who want to start using drones to develop their baseline skills in a safe, f... More »

  • Breakfast Club: Tech Talks

    Please join us at Bellevue College’s North Campus for a fast-paced hour each month to listen to local Technology professionals talk about ... More »

  • Algorithms in .NET

    This class introduces algorithm techniques and data structures for new .NET developers with development experience but no formal computer sc... More »

  • ASP.NET: Level 1

    Get an introduction to ASP.NET with plenty of hands-on examples to illustrate how ASP.NET works and how to use it to create data-driven web ... More »

  • Basic Programming Essentials

    This class introduces students to computer programming by presenting the fundamental concepts and terminology of programming. Skills in desi... More »

  • C# Automation: 1

    Software quality is everyone's responsibility on the development team. Learn to implement quality from the ground-up, as well as build check... More »

  • C# Programming: 1

    Learn C# programming in a Windows environment using Visual Studio. Develop skills in designing and writing simple C# computer programs using... More »

  • C# Programming: 2

    Study C# programming in a Console environment using Visual Studio. Apply the .NET Framework and object-oriented programming principles to cr... More »

  • C# Programming: 3

    Learn C# programming in a Console environment using Visual Studio. Develop skills in designing and writing C# computer programs using file p... More »

  • C# Programming: 4

    Study C# programming in a Console and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) environment using Visual Studio. Develop skills in designing an... More »

  • C# REST Services

    This course will introduce you to REST services in C#. You will learn best practices for naming conventions, data formats, unit testing, and... More »

  • Data Access using C#

    Visual Studio has computer software components such as ADO and LINQ that can be used by programmers to access data and data services. Learn... More »

  • Design Patterns

    Learn to apply design patterns to lessen the complexity of software. A pattern describes a reusable solution to a common problem. Patterns a... More »

  • Go Programming

    This course will introduce you to Google’s Go language. You will learn best practices for naming conventions, packaging, unit testing, con... More »

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

    This course introduces the basic concepts of cloud computing through the development of cloud computing terminology, defining and contrastin... More »

  • iOS Development: 1

    Explore the basics of developing for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) using the latest tools. Leverage the Swift programming language ... More »

  • iOS Development: 2

    Dive deeper into the iOS SDK using the Swift programming language to discover how to enhance your apps with location, maps, web views, photo... More »

  • Java Programming

    This updated and extended course employs a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises to teach the fundamentals of the Ja... More »

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is the key language behind Rich Internet Applications. This course covers core language constructs, the document object model (DO... More »

  • PowerShell: Level 1

    Windows PowerShell is a utility that greatly extends the scripting capabilities of Windows. Built on the .NET Framework, PowerShell is both ... More »

  • PowerShell: Level 2

    Windows PowerShell is an administrative application that provides a development platform capable of harnessing the power of Microsoft’s .N... More »

  • Programming with Python: 1

    Python is an open-source, general-purpose, programming language whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Topics: types, operato... More »

  • Programming with Python: 2

    For those with some knowledge of Python, let's expand on those by studying topics such as: functions and modules, files and exceptions, soft... More »

  • C# Programming Certificate Capstone

    The final capstone project utilizes all the skills learned throughout the C# Programming Certificate. This project will form a central part ... More »

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