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Interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent or appraiser? Our self-paced, online courses have been approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing. The Washington State Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practices courses meet the education requirements for a first broker’s license, and the appraisal courses meet criteria set by the Appraisal Foundation for pre-licensing education. Throughout each course, our expert instructors monitor your progress and are available to answer your questions and provide feedback on your work. Courses are accessible 24/7 for the duration of the quarter. Get the knowledge to succeed in real estate with our flexible, online courses supported by experienced, responsive real estate proffesionals.

Current Real Estate Classes

  • Real Estate Information Session

    Learn about BC's real estate and appraisal courses. How do you get started? What topics are included? Which courses are best suited for yo... More »

  • Washington Real Estate Fundamentals

    This Washington State Dept. of Licensing approved entry-level course is designed for buyers, sellers, investors, and any others interested i... More »

  • Real Estate Practices

    This is the SECOND required course prior to taking the Real Estate Brokers state licensing exam. Explore agency relationships, listings and ... More »

  • Principles of Appraising

    Required for appraiser licensing and certification. Meets criteria set by the Appraisal Foundation for Basic Appraisal Principles. Includes,... More »

  • Appraisal Procedures

    Meets criteria set by the Appraisal Foundation for Basic Appraisal Procedures and for appraiser pre-licensing education. Students apply know... More »

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