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Salary scales for Technical Writers range from $65,000-$115,000, in Washington State. Employment trends for Technical Writers are expected to grow by 15% over the next 6 years. –US Dept. of Labor
This online Technical Writing Certificate-Inclusive course culminates in a Bellevue College, Continuing Education Technical Writing Certificate. Students are given up to 8 months to complete the certificate at a cost that is substantially less than taking the courses individually. This competency-based program employs a Course Mentor approach and is targeted to working professionals with a strong knowledge base of the material at hand, who are looking to speed up the certificate process. Students will receive badges as they progress through the course material and will receive the certificate upon overall completion. Topics covered Include: Fundamentals of Technical Writing, Fundamentals of Document Design, Professional Editing, Usability Workshop, Creating Style Guides, Developing Web Content, Word Styles and Templates, Writing White Papers and Technical Writing Capstone project.

This is an online program and requires a Bellevue College NetID .

Current Technical Writing Certificate Online- Inclusive Classes

  • Fundamentals of Technical Writing

    Designed for both aspiring and experienced technical writers and editors, this course provides an introduction to the critical elements of t... More »

  • Technical Writing Certificate - Inclusive

    Salary scales for Technical Writers range from $65,000-$115,000, in Washington State. Employment trends for Technical Writers are expe... More »

  • Technical Writing Information Session

    Would you like to know more about the field of technical writing and communication but are not sure how to get started? BC's technical writi... More »

  • Authoring Help

    Design and write truly helpful Help! This course provides instruction in the writing and distribution of effective online help files using M... More »

  • Creating Style Guides

    What is a style guide? In this short course, you will learn about the purpose and importance of style guides and manuals in technical writin... More »

  • Developing Web Content

    This course is designed for writers who want to learn how to write effective web content. Students will learn how to focus on the reader, se... More »

  • Fundamentals of Document Design

    Learn how to apply basic design concepts and typography to page design and layout for print documentation.

    Prerequisite: Stron... More »

  • Fundamentals of Marketing Communication

    Businesses depend on marketing communications to attract customers, earn profits and, in essence, thrive. Yet the challenge of breaking thro... More »

  • Introduction to Blogging

    Blogging has emerged as a popular and wide-reaching tool for professional communication. This course provides an introduction to blogging ef... More »

  • Process Flowchart Documentation

    Complex business processes are challenging to present in a clear and logical format within technical communications. Learn how to apply the ... More »

  • Professional Editing I

    This course introduces you to the fundamentals of copyediting as applied to technical communications. Learn the role of the editor, the publ... More »

  • Technical Writing Certificate Capstone

    The Technical Writing Certificate Program culminates in a Capstone project in which candidates demonstrate mastery of certificate program ob... More »

  • Usability Workshop

    This course provides instruction in usability testing of print documents, websites, and help systems. Students gain experience and performan... More »

  • Word Styles and Templates

    This course provides an introduction in the creation and application of styles and templates in Microsoft Word. Students gain experience and... More »

  • Writing White Papers

    Writing a white paper requires a combination of technical knowledge, marketing savvy, sensitivity to audience, ability to relate with subjec... More »

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