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Bellevue College Continuing Education is currently evaluating changes to this certificate program for Fall 2016. If you are considering beginning this Certificate Program, or are currently in process of completing, please contact cetechprograms@bellevuecollege.edu to discuss your options. Web developers work on teams that bring websites to life by creating effective interface and navigation based on purposeful design and development. The Bellevue College Web Development Certificate Program was developed by respected Web developers, managers, and programmers to target the skills critical to success in today’s marketplace.

See an overview table of required and elective courses in the program for more details. Courses in the program may be taken individually or as part of the full certificate program.

The program offers hands-on professional training in the most current industry practices and emphasizes learning by doing. Instructors are respected professionals currently working in the field.

The program requires a minimum of 277 course hours. Required courses comprise 269 course hours and focus on effective web design, HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript, XML, SQL, ASP.NET, and PHP. Electives comprise the remaining 8 course hours.

Students may choose from a broad range of electives including advanced C#. Separate electives also cover programs such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Java, jQuery, web services using .NET, and WordPress. Other elective courses are devoted to search engine optimization and web analytics.

The program culminates in a final course that focuses on completing the Capstone Project, in which students synthesize the skills and knowledge from the certiicate courses while developing their website. The project highlights the skills acquired in the other courses in the program and helps the student to prepare for a final class presentation on their site. Satisfactory completion of the Web Development Capstone Project is required to receive the Web Development Certificate. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all required classes.
Please read the detailed course description before enrolling. http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/ce/web-dev-cert-capstone-project/

The program’s small classes let our instructors give students personal attention. Classes are taught during evenings and weekends to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. Our flexible program lets you start any quarter you like and finish at your own pace. You can take as few as one or two classes a week. Although the program can be completed in as little as a year, you may take as long as 2 years to earn your certificate.

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Current Web Development Certificate Program Classes

  • Breakfast Club: Tech Talks

    Please join us at Bellevue College’s North Campus for a fast-paced hour each month to listen to local Technology professionals talk about ... More »

  • Certificate Open House

    Are you looking to gain new skills for your professional development? Join us for our Certificate Open House at the Bellevue College ... More »

  • Web Development Certificate Program Information Session

    Getting started with a new training program can be a challenge because you may not have enough information to decide your first step. More »

  • Web Game Development with Adobe Animate: Level 1

    Use Adobe Animate authoring tool to create a game application and publish to HTML5 Canvas formats for use in mobile websites. Discuss the b... More »

  • Algorithms in .NET

    This class introduces algorithm techniques and data structures for new .NET developers with development experience but no formal computer sc... More »

  • ASP.NET: Level 1

    Get an introduction to ASP.NET with plenty of hands-on examples to illustrate how ASP.NET works and how to use it to create data-driven web ... More »

  • Building Web Apps with AngularJS

    This course is an introduction to building web applications with the AngularJS JavaScript framework. Learn how to build exciting, effective ... More »

  • C# Programming: 2

    Study C# programming in a Console environment using Visual Studio. Apply the .NET Framework and object-oriented programming principles to cr... More »

  • C# Programming: 3

    Learn C# programming in a Console environment using Visual Studio. Develop skills in designing and writing C# computer programs using file p... More »

  • C# Programming: 4

    Study C# programming in a Console and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) environment using Visual Studio. Develop skills in designing an... More »

  • C# REST Services

    This course will introduce you to REST services in C#. You will learn best practices for naming conventions, data formats, unit testing, and... More »

  • Design Principles

    Explore the planning and design phase of creating a user-focused site. This course covers the steps to take before you start building, inclu... More »

  • Design Tools

    Learn the process of building a website and the various tools you can use. In this class you will explore the planning tools, text editors, ... More »

  • HTML and CSS: Level 1

    Use the latest version of HTML to create the content of a web page with text, images and hyperlinks. Then enhance the look and feel of your ... More »

  • HTML and CSS: Level 2

    Build on the skills learned in HTML and CSS: Level 1 to develop more advanced web pages. You'll explore additional features for creating web... More »

  • Java Programming

    This updated and extended course employs a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises to teach the fundamentals of the Ja... More »

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is the key language behind Rich Internet Applications. This course covers core language constructs, the document object model (DO... More »

  • jQuery Fundamentals

    This course is an introduction to the jQuery JavaScript framework and describes how to use it to add professional-quality code modules and U... More »

  • Linux

    Learn how to install and configure Linux. Students will learn how to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine and configure it. Students will als... More »

  • PHP: Server Side Programming

    PHP is an open source server side scripting language that is widely used in web development. This course will cover how to gather user data ... More »

  • Responsive Web Design

    Skilled web designers are adept at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of... More »

  • Search Engine Optimization

    If you build it, will they come? This class will outline what you can do to help people find your website. Discover the steps you can take t... More »

  • Structured Query Language: (SQL) Level 1

    Create queries using a standard structured query language (SQL) that is applicable to almost any relational database. Students will get hand... More »

  • User Experience Design Fundamentals

    This boot-camp style, project-based class simulates the work of the design team in implementing user experience design principles when plann... More »

  • Web Accessibility

    Study the current guidelines and requirements for making a website accessible to users with disabilities. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation ... More »

  • XML Introduction

    eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is one of the most common tools used to transmit data over the internet and between applications. Extend yo... More »

  • Web Development Certificate Capstone

    The final capstone project utilizes all the skills learned throughout the Web Development Certificate Program. This project will form a cent... More »

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