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If you need to learn how to develop more polished business communications, we’ve got the courses for you. Master the basics of grammar and document design. Learn to write e-mails that command attention. Hone your editing skills. Develop and use style guides to make your documents look more professional. Create marketing copy that connects with readers, grabs their attention, and convinces them to act. Learn to compose blog posts and web pages that are easy to read and meet user needs. Practice drafting and revising targeted, well-structured correspondence, presentations, proposals, and reports. Master the art of writing the white paper. Our courses will help you get your messages across with style.

Current Writing Classes

  • Business Grammar Review

    Approach your business correspondence with greater confidence and increased skills. Improve your writing proficiency by reviewing current g... More »

  • Developing Web Content

    This course is designed for writers who want to learn how to write effective web content. Students will learn how to focus on the reader, se... More »

  • Fundamentals of Technical Writing

    Designed for both entry-level and experienced writers, this practical, hands-on course provides an introduction to technical writing. Learn ... More »

  • Improving Email Effectiveness

    In business, email is a primary method of communication. Develop a professional email style that represents you as a strong communicator an... More »

  • Introduction to Blogging

    Blogging has emerged as a popular and wide-reaching tool for professional communication. This course provides an introduction to blogging ef... More »

  • Professional Business Writing

    Strengthen your business writing in an informative, hands-on learning environment by discovering how to clearly define the purpose of your m... More »

  • Professional Editing I

    This course introduces you to the fundamentals of copyediting as applied to technical communications. Learn the role of the editor, the publ... More »

  • Writing White Papers

    Writing a white paper requires a combination of technical knowledge, marketing savvy, sensitivity to audience, ability to relate with subjec... More »

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