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Class Supplies: Acrylics Beginning with Cecilia Cooney-Wickett


Make sure to buy artist grade paint. If you are concerned about cost, student-grade paint is OK, although not as good as the artist grade, but do not buy “craft” paint. The colors are not correct and cannot be mixed accurately. Buy the following colors:

  • Titanium White (largest tube available)
  • Yellow (either cadmium yellow light, azo, or hansa)
  • Napthol scarlet or Pyrrol scarlet or cadmium red light. (You want a bright red that tends slightly towards orange.)
  • Magenta
  • Pthalocyanine blue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Burnt Sienna (make sure to get Burnt Sienna, not Burnt Umber and not Raw Sienna!)
  • Raw Umber


  • Small jar of Acrylic Painting Medium, gloss.
  • Optional: If you want to experiment with different textural effects, buy Golden brand’s box of 6 sample- size mediums.

Acrylic Paint Brushes

  • 2 flats (or brights) AND 2 rounds (one small and one large of each) any sizes between #8 and #20
  • 1 mid-sized filbert

We will be discussing brushes in more depth in class.


  • A pad of inexpensive watercolor paper 11″x 15″ or larger.

Other painting grounds

  • 3 canvas boards or painting panels or stretched canvases, around 16″ x 18.”


Course: Acrylics: Beginning

Instructor: Cecilia Cooney-Wickett

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