Home Class Supplies: Intro to Encaustics and Encaustic Painting with Julie Griffin

Class Supplies: Intro to Encaustics and Encaustic Painting with Julie Griffin

You will need:

  • Newspaper-enough to cover your work surface with several layers
  • Roll of sturdy paper towels
  • Set of 6 (or more) inexpensive wood handled natural hog┬ábristle brushes in assorted sizes, flats and rounds Available at Michaels or Aaron Brothers. Sets may also contain a few synthetic brushes, we just won’t use them.
  • A few Xerox or laser jet copies (no ink jet) of photos or drawings (preferably personal to you) on non-glossy paper in color or black and white for image transfer. (If an image contains text, you will want to reverse it so the text is legible after transfer).
  • Soft lint-free cotton rags or a chamois. (A white t-shirt cut into pieces also works well.)
  • Metal spoon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Apron, over-shirt or paint clothes
  • Lunch

Bring any additional items you may already have from the list below. You do not need to go out and buy any of these but if you have any of them handy you may want to throw together a tool kit with some of them.

Optional items:

  • Any items you can use to carve, shave or texture the wax with such as pottery tools, dental tools kitchen utensils, cheese shaver, metal cookie or petit four cutters, razor blade or exacto knife, sewing tracing wheel, awl, darning needle, ice pick, linoleum block carving tools, small flathead screwdriver, etc.
  • Old oil paint, oil pastels, oil paint sticks
  • Heat gun, butane torch, small craft iron
  • Stencils (plastic or heat resistant)
  • Masking tape or blue painters tape
  • Any ephemera, tissue paper, sheet music, dress patterns, etc. that you may want to incorporate in your work


Encaustic Painting: Beauty in Wax Supply List

Instructor: Julie Griffin (jgriffin@bellevuecollege.edu)

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