Home Class Supplies: Portraiture with Cecilia Cooney-Wickett

Class Supplies: Portraiture with Cecilia Cooney-Wickett

You will need:

Drawing Board

This can be purchased ready-made, or you may use a heavy piece of Masonite or 1/4” plywood and Bulldog clips. Make sure it’s close to the same size as your pad of drawing paper.


It’s important to experiment with a variety of paper types. Have a large pad of newsprint or cheap white drawing paper, and a selection of several large sheets of better quality paper as well. Better paper can range in price from .50 per sheet to over $10.00 per sheet. We will be discussing the nature of paper in class.

Mark-making Materials
  • Vine charcoal (soft): This is a versatile and forgiving medium, which we will be using for most of the work, we do in here.
  • Compressed charcoal (optional): Compressed charcoal is much blacker and heavier than vine charcoal, but it cannot be erased, so it’s applications are different.
  • Graphite pencils: Graphite is graded by softness, and the softer it is, the darker it is. 8B is the softest. Don’t bother with anything harder than 2B.
  • Graphite block or “woodless pencil”
  • Conte Crayons (optional): These work best on a tinted paper.
    • Black,
    • Sanguine (a rust color),
    • White
  • Pen (optional)
  • Brush (optional)
  • Ink (optional)
  • Blending stumps (also known as tortillons): Buy several because they must be dedicated. In other words, the one you use with graphite must never be used with charcoal, etc.
Other Items
  • Sandpaper
  • Lead pointer
  • Chamois: The real thing, not an imitation.
  • Kneaded eraser: Get the large size.
  • Small can of workable fixative (optional)
  • Sharpie
  • Little sketch book: Small and portable enough to be carried with you every day. This will be your sketch diary.
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