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  • Lifelong Learning Benefits Body, Mind, and Career

    For people with stable jobs, taking time to keep learning can be difficult. Yet the professional, medical, and personal benefits of learning a new skill or pursuing your passion are well worth an hour or two a week. Whether it’s taking a class or even reading a new book, lifelong learning has measurable impacts from the moment you start. Taking the time to continue learning can improve your mental acuity, put you in control of your career path, and boost your self-esteem.


    To Stay Employed, Learn to Adapt to Change

    In today’s economy, rapid adaptation has become the name of the game. Employers in almost every industry are revamping job descriptions, and workers need to be adaptable, lifelong learners to keep up with their rapidly evolving workplace. These shifting times require that employees master emergent skills and understand disciplines outside their comfort zones. Rising to those challenges while staying current with new technology will help you stay in the know at work and keep your career on the right track. Employees need to be both forward thinking and accepting of the evolving challenges in their fields to protect or advance their careers.


    Mental Prowess: Use It or Lose It

    Learning new things can also help keep your mind sharp and promote a feeling of well-being.  The Rush Memory and Aging Project showed that increased cognitive activity in the elderly slowed their decline in cognitive function and decreased their risk of mild cognitive impariment. The study showed that cognitively active seniors were 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than seniors with less cognitive activity. Other studies show that individuals who are more educated tend to enjoy better mental health overall. Pursuing lifelong learning not only can help you stay mentally sharp but is also critical to your emotional health as you get older.


    Lifelong learning can improve your self-esteem and help you live a fuller and more well-rounded life. By continuing to learn after your school days are over, you can develop greater understanding and more breadth of knowledge in the fields that interest you. You can master old hobbies, renew old passions, hone your skills, and improve the richness of your life. By broadening your horizons through lifelong learning, you add to your expertise in a ways that bear fruit in every aspect of your life, no matter your age. And think of the hit you’ll be at a party!



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