• MELT Classes: Learn how to relieve pain and gain mobility.

    MELT is an innovative self-treatment technique designed to treat chronic pain and to help people gain mobility, stability and relieve pain. It helps you identify stress that is stuck in your body and relieve it through simple exercise. You learn to create lasting changes in your body. You learn to rebalance by working on your diaphragm and your core. MELT helps you rejuvenate connective tissue. It works to release inflammation and discomfort in your joints. It is also effective for people with pain from a chronic illness like cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, sarcoidosis, scoliosis, RA or other chronic illnesses.


    MELT is a compliment to other forms of exercise. It concentrates on working the connective tissue so that movement is better and with less pain. It is perfect for people who are in their middle years, pregnant or seeking ways to improve movement.


    You will learn how to:
    •  Identify where you have stuck stress in your body
    •  Use the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment, a unique indirect treatment for your whole body
    •  Improve your alignment and balance
    •  Activate your core strength and stability
    •  Use the MELT Soft Body Roller to rehydrate the tissues of your body for greater mobility and ease of motion
    •  Safely and effectively decompress your own neck and low back
    •  Relieve common issues like headaches, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, cellulite and more


    Karin Collins

    Karin Collins

    Our instructor Karin Collins (founder of Momentum Energy Arts) is a Certified MELT Method teacher, she teaches self-care skills to reduce pain and improve performance with the ground-breaking techniques of The MELT Method.



    The MELT Method: Hand & Foot Treatment for Pain Relief and Ease of Movement
    MELT: Whole-Body Self-Care Series
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