Performing Arts

Let our experienced instructors help you develop your talent and guide you on the path to more polished performances. Develop skills in music, radio, dance, drama, and other performing arts through our classes and workshops.

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Current Performing Arts Classes

  • Ballet Basics

    Have you wanted to learn ballet, but find it intimidating to walk into an adult dance class never having danced before? This is the class for you! You will learn basics dance steps and terminology at the root of all... More about Ballet Basics

  • Journalism Fundamentals

    Learn how to build skills in reporting and producing radio stories in this class. Gain the basic tools, techniques, and vocabulary of Community Radio journalism. This workshop style class will cover interviewing skills, writing for radio, voicing techniques, and basic... More about Journalism Fundamentals

  • Class Voice

    Enjoy natural, relaxed singing in a class atmosphere. Learn the basics of tone production, breathing, and pitch control and beyond. Supportive environment encourages "closet singers" and shy singers to find and use the gift of their true voice. Class materials... More about Class Voice