Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Editor is a comprehensive course of study that combines Medical Transcription and Medical Transcription Editor. The class focuses on transcribing real-life doctor dictations, formatting reports, and improving typing speed and accuracy. You’ll learn to edit and format physician-dictated medical records, fix grammatical errors, and improve overall report content. You’ll also receive training in how to work with speech recognition software, which electronically translates dictation into text.

Medical Transcription helps students develop computer keyboarding proficiency, improve language and grammar skills, and become more familiar with medical terminology. By the end of the class, you’ll have transcribed hundreds of authentic dictations, so you’ll be ready for a quick and successful transition to the workplace.

Medical Transcription Editor Supplement helps previously trained medical transcriptionists brush up on their skills, expand their professional base of knowledge, and increase their familiarity with speech recognition technology.

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