The Hawaiian language is a Polynesian language and, along with English, is an official language of the state of Hawaii. Our classes are a great way to start learning Hawaiian. Lessons are interactive and engaging. They are also easy to fit into your schedule because they meet one evening a week for eight weeks.

The Hawaiian for Beginners class is designed for adults with little or no experience in the language.

Along with helping you practice basic pronunciation, beginning Hawaiian lessons cover how to:

  • Use proper Hawaiian grammar and syntax
  • Ask and respond to basic questions
  • Engage in simple exchanges
  • Develop an understanding of the Hawaiian culture
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Current Hawaiian Classes

  • Papa Mo'olelo a me Kama'ilio 6

    Students must have completed 14 quarters of Hawaiian and be able to express themselves in Hawaiian. Conversation practice. Negating sentences. Read short stories and newspaper articles. More about Papa Mo'olelo a me Kama'ilio 6

  • Hawaiian 8

    Completion of Hawaiian 7 required. Each hui begins with individual conversations. Students bring objects/pictures for ho?ike and discuss in class (ma ka ?olelo Hawai?i.) Discussion of the Hawaiian concepts of mana, kapu, and pono. Positive and negative commands. Review of... More about Hawaiian 8