Computer Basics

Just getting started with technology? These courses are designed especially for adults who are “newbies.” They provide a solid introduction to computers and will help to prepare you for the more advanced courses you’ll find at Bellevue College Continuing Education.

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Current Computer Basics Classes

  • Breakfast Club: Tech Talks

    Please join us at Bellevue College’s North Campus for a fast-paced hour each month to listen to local Technology professionals talk about the latest in the field and enjoy a cup of coffee. The whole event is only sixty minutes... More about Breakfast Club: Tech Talks

  • Windows 10 Introduction

    Gain an understanding of the Windows desktop and file and folder management. Topics: the Windows layout, directory structure of disks, copying/moving/managing files, using applications, transferring data, using Windows accessories, finding/deleting/purging files/folders, viewing/printing files, creating/managing folders, customizing the desktop and adding... More about Windows 10 Introduction