Graphic Design

Bellevue College Continuing Education offers a full suite of graphic design courses that can be taken as standalone units or as part of our Graphic Design Certificate Program. Developed by an advisory committee of design professionals representing a variety of disciplines, our courses can help you combine your artistic and technical talents to develop practical skills that are in demand.

Visit the Graphic Design Certificate Overview page for more information.


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Current Graphic Design Classes

  • Advertising Design

    Learn what makes for effective advertising visuals and apply concepts learned in Unit 1 and tools learned in Unit 2 to create magazine, newspaper and/or online ads to incorporate into your portfolio. Course is conducted in a workshop format; portfolio... More about Advertising Design

  • Branding Business

    This class is designed to give you a real world view of what a graphic designer is tasked to create for their clients. It takes you on a journey from concept to completion and will provide you with 7-10 pieces... More about Branding Business

  • Breakfast Club: Tech Talks

    Please join us at Bellevue College’s North Campus for a fast-paced hour each month to listen to local Technology professionals talk about the latest in the field and enjoy a cup of coffee. The whole event is only sixty minutes... More about Breakfast Club: Tech Talks

  • Brochure, Catalog and Direct Mail Design

    Learn about what makes for effective brochure, catalog and direct mail design and apply concepts and tools learned in foundation and visual design classes to create pieces to incorporate into your portfolio. Course is conducted in a workshop format; portfolio... More about Brochure, Catalog and Direct Mail Design

  • Color in the Digital Age

    This course is designed for artists interested in color theory fundamentals and the practical application of color in graphic design and more. Receive an introduction to how color is created in the most common graphic design software applications. Completion of... More about Color in the Digital Age

  • Design Principles

    Explore the planning and design phase of creating a user-focused site. This course covers the steps to take before you start building, including defining the purpose and audience; outlining the structure and navigation; and designing the look and feel. In... More about Design Principles

  • Drawing Basics

    Designed for non-artists who want a fun, informative and stress-free introduction to drawing. We focus on basic sketching and drawing techniques including the use of line, space and perspective. You will discover the secrets of shading solid forms while learning... More about Drawing Basics

  • Graphic Design Basics

    All forms of visual art are based on fundamental principles of aesthetic design. Learn basic design terminology and concepts and create two-dimensional abstract compositions using the elements of line, shape, space, value and color. Explore page and image management methods... More about Graphic Design Basics

  • Graphic Design Certificate Capstone

    As the final course in the Graphic Design Certificate Program, students will cover the print production process and develop an online portfolio. Discuss methods for preparing files and working with printers. Learn the basics for creating an online portfolio and... More about Graphic Design Certificate Capstone

  • Graphic Design Certificate Information Session

    Have you thought about becoming a Graphic Designer; making a career change, doing work on the side or polishing your current skills to produce more professional work? Come learn about the Graphic Design Certificate Program. This is an opportunity to... More about Graphic Design Certificate Information Session

  • HTML and CSS: Level 1

    Use the latest version of HTML to create the content of a web page with text, images and hyperlinks. Then enhance the look and feel of your website using cascading style sheets to modify page text and layout through hands-on... More about HTML and CSS: Level 1

  • Illustration Communication

    Illustration is a communication tool used in advertising, branding, publishing, manufacturing and packaging. This class will give you an opportunity to apply your drawing, painting or computer art skills to make an effective statement, to reach a particular audience and/or... More about Illustration Communication

  • Illustrator CC: Level 1

    Illustrator is a powerful vector illustration tool used to create artwork for the Web and print media. Topics: creating and editing shapes, drawing with the pen tool, using live trace and live paint, creating and manipulating color and fill swatches,... More about Illustrator CC: Level 1

  • InDesign CC: Level 1

    InDesign is the benchmark tool for producing print-based brochures, flyers, business cards, or newsletters at your home or office. Topics include: setting up new documents, importing and manipulating text and graphics, working with master pages and typography. Bring a USB... More about InDesign CC: Level 1

  • Infographics Using Illustrator CC

    Discover what an effective Infographic can do to convey your ideas. This class is for students comfortable with Illustrator foundations that would like to expand their knowledge. Topics will include planning an effective infographic, building a grid, working with color... More about Infographics Using Illustrator CC

  • Logo, Icon and Symbol Design

    Apply concepts learned in Level 1 and tools learned in Level 2 to create a family of icons, symbols and/ or logos to incorporate into your portfolio. The concepts of corporate identity and user experience are discussed. Course is conducted... More about Logo, Icon and Symbol Design

  • Photoshop CC: Level 1

    Photoshop offers an impressive array of tools for editing digital photos, scanned photographs and creating photorealistic images. This is an intensive, hands-on workshop. You will be introduced to Photoshop's powerful capabilities including selection techniques, image retouching and restoration, and using... More about Photoshop CC: Level 1

  • Photoshop CC: Level 2

    This course builds on the basic skills covered in the Photoshop: Level 1 class. Topics: using Adobe Bridge, processing images with camera raw, resizing and cropping images, color management, color correction, and exploring powerful editing techniques used by professionals. This... More about Photoshop CC: Level 2

  • Print Media Design

    Apply concepts learned in Design Foundation series and tools learned in Visual Designer series to create posters, CD/book covers, and collateral materials to incorporate into your portfolio. Portfolio pieces developed through homework and in-class critiques. Refinement will occur throughout the... More about Print Media Design

  • The Business of Graphic Design

    Whether you plan to freelance or manage a firm, graphic designers need to understand the nuts and bolts of the business. Learn how to uncover client needs, estimate costs, establish pricing, negotiate solutions, market yourself, prepare contractual agreements, and understand... More about The Business of Graphic Design

  • Typography

    This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals of typography. Students will learn about type weight, scale, style, font, kerning, leading, alignment and more. Class includes lectures, discussions, and group exercises. Required text: Typography Essentials:... More about Typography