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ALDAC 225 Chemical Dependency Ethics & Laws • 3 Cr.


Provides up to date understanding of state and federal statutes, state regulations and code of ethics specific to the field of alcohol and drug counseling and the provision of chemical dependency treatment services in Washington State. Prerequisite: ALDAC 106 and 108 and permission of program director.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the factors that increase the likelihood for an individual, community or group to be at-risk, or resilient to, psychoactive substance usee disorders
  • Demonstrate variety of teaching techniques that are culturally relevant and sensitive to the needs of clients with learning disabilities
  • Demonstrate skills to teach life skills including but not limited to ,stress mamgement, relaxation, communication, assertiveness, and refusal skills
  • Recognize the purpose of ADIS as a prevention tool for clients assessed as not having a significant substance use related disorder and not a modality of treatment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Revised Code of Washington (RCW) as it applies to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction; the education of counselors and certification process for Chemical Dependency Professionals; client’s rights and grievance procedures; and the regulations for reporting incidents of elder and child abuse
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to effectively implement Federal regulations outlined in CFR part 42 on client rights to privacy and confidentiality
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Washington State DUI law and drug court diversions, reporting requirements and referrals
  • Describe victims panels, drug court procedures and probation requirements for clients required to be in alcohol/drug treatment

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