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ALDAC 230 Chem Dependency Family & Couples Counseling • 3 Cr.


Introduces counseling theory and techniques for working with families, couples and significant others affected by alcoholic and drug addicted individuals with emphasis on prevention, crisis management and intervention strategies. Includes practice and development of crisis management and intervention techniques. Prerequisite: ALDAC 100, 102, 103 and HSSA& 101 and permission of program director.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe variety of counseling theories for working with families, couples and significant others
  • Demonstrate knowledge of family system dynamics affected by substance use
  • Describe variety of intervention models and theories utilized to facilitate admitting a resistant client into alcohol/drug treatment
  • Describe variety of prevention theories and models used to assist families, couples and significant others avoid risks associated with substance use
  • Demonstrate skills to facilitate the engagement of family members and significant others in the treatment process
  • Demonstrate accepted crisis management skills
  • Recognize variety of community based referral sources that support and/or treat families, couples and significant others affected by substance use related disorders

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