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ANTH 209 Great Discoveries in North American Archeology • 5 Cr.


Before Columbus, millions of people lived on the North American continent for thousands of years. They left behind a rich archaeological record of their cultures, manifesting in thousands of remains throughout the USA and Canada. A consideration of these ancient cultures from a global context is addressed, as well as the plight of modern descendants.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • • Differentiate between the fields of anthropology and how archaeologists use the culture concept in studying the past.
  • • Recognize, identify, and employ the scientific method in anthropology, and distinguish between coherent arguments based on such principles from other claims.
  • • Assess the vast cultural diversity of prehistoric indigenous peoples of North America.
  • • Describe how archaeological studies of North American Natives reveal characteristics of cultural behavior and explain how those behaviors have changed through time.
  • • Distinguish between several broad prehistoric adaptations made by North American Natives.
  • • Explain the relevance of archaeology to global issues, ethics, and cultural diversity.
  • • Identify how colonial forces impact(ed) indigenous cultures and critique the plight of modern descendants.

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