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ARAB 122 Arabic II • 5 Cr.


Continues ARAB 121. Prerequisite: ARAB 121 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Understand and make use of most of the basic forms and grammatical structures of Modern Standard Arabic, including pronouns, noun-verb agreement, the parts of speech, numbering system, past & present tenses, the comparative form, the negative form, and other basic usages
  • Know, for comprehension and communication, the basic structures of Arabic sentences
  • Correctly conjugate verbs in past and present tenses
  • Understand spoken and written Arabic, including more complicated vocabulary than in Arabic 121, well enough to initiate and sustain brief conversations
  • Understand and use more sophisticated greetings and formal expressions than in Arabic 101
  • Formulate complex sentences in Arabic in writing, and comprehend them when spoken
  • Know and use effectively the verbal nouns (masdars)
  • Converse with adequate vocabulary on topics such as university life, home life, hobbies, and music
  • Understand basic differences between Arab culture and American; appreciate day-to-day details of life in the Middle East



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