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ASTR 201 Selected Topics in Advanced Astronomy • 6 Cr.




Utilizes hands-on laboratory exercises to address selected topics in advanced astronomy. Topics include the use of telescopes and the methods astronomers use to gather data, the solar system, the evolution of stars, relativity and quantum physics, galaxies and cosmology. Nighttime telescope observing will take place weather permitting. Prerequisite: ASTR& 100 (prev ASTR 101) or ASTR& 101 (prev ASTR 105).


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Properly identify telescopes by type, size, etc.

  • Quantitatively relate telescope magnification, eyepiece focal length, and telescope focal length.

  • Locate and center visible objects in a telescope in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Identify and properly use telescope peripherals and accessories.

  • Recognize hypotheses as being scientific or non-scientific

  • Explain how astronomers estimate distances using Cepheid Variable Stars

  • Identify star magnitudes and coordinates from a star map.

  • Collect and identify stellar spectra using computer simulations.

  • Locate and identify 40 astronomical objects in the sky/planetarium sky.

  • Critically analyze a claim using accepted scientific standards.

  • Explain specific data-gathering techniques that have been applied to astronomy such as spectroscopy, photometry, and CCD imaging.

  • Explain the progression of “strange science” that developed in the 20th century, including relativity, and quantum physics.


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