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BSUST 130 Survey of Resource and Waste Management • 5 Cr.


Introduction to the environmental and economic impact of various resource and waste systems management strategies. Focus is on assessing every stage of business activities from the sourcing of materials and resources, through the use and maintenance of products, to the disposal of resulting waste and emissions.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze specific businesses and industries from the perspective of resource and waste management
  • Discuss issues involved in accurately assessing the impact of business decisions on resource and waste management efficiency
  • Analyze the environmental and economic impact of specific resource and waste management strategies
  • Present the current and evolving thinking regarding resource and waste management, and how this impacts business processes
  • Discuss the economic and socio-political dimensions of resource and waste management
  • Identify and assess all the stages of business activities for specific products and processes from a resource and waste management perspective
  • Explain how resource and waste management efficiency can be significantly improved through business strategies that impact early product/process design and general business practices
  • Give examples of partnerships and collaborations that encourage businesses, consumers, and governments to work together to make changes across the whole supply chain
  • Research and present laws, regulations and standards that impact how businesses in different industries define and implement resource and waste management

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