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BTS 104 Keyboarding Review & Speed Building • 1 Cr.


Increases students' keyboarding speed and accuracy. Prerequisite: BTS 101 or equivalent experience recommended. Course is graded pass/fail.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Review student’s basic keyboarding skills, increase typing sped and improve proficiency on the computer.
  • Measure student’s keyboarding speed and accuracy at the outset of the program through the use of the Course Entry Timed Writing.
  • Determine specific keyboarding problems by analyzing the diagnostic test results that appear at the beginning of various sections of the keyboarding program.
  • Select appropriate practice lessons on the basis of the diagnostic test analysis.
  • Establish your particular skill-improvement goal for each practice lesson through the use of the lesson pretest.
  • Practice specially designed exercises in a prescribed manner.
  • Determine whether or not you achieve your practice goal for the lesson through the use of the lesson post-test.
  • Measure students overall skill-development progress at regular intervals during the course through the use of special progress Check timings and at the end of the course through the use of the course Exit
  • Timed Writing.



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