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BTS 109 Business Communications • 5 Cr.


Strengthens skills for effective professional verbal, written and non-verbal communication. Includes reinforcement of grammar and punctuation, writing and peer-editing, proofreading and revising, business writing strategies, and portfolio preparation. Projects include a presentation with visual tools, outline, citations and portfolio preparation of professionally written business messages. Prerequisite: BTS 110 or BTS 161 or equivalent experience and ENGL 092 or 093. Keyboarding skill recommended.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of becoming a professional communicator in today’s changing workplace.
  • Know how culture affects communication and know how to improve communication among diverse workplace audiences.
  • Identify the three phases of the writing process.
  • Write with a “you” view, maintain a conversational tone, and use positive language.
  • Organize business messages using direct and indirect patterns.
  • Use active voice, passive voice, and parallel structure effectively in written communication.
  • Identify and fix misplaced modifiers in business messages.
  • Write coherent paragraphs using good transition.
  • Revise and proofread to eliminate grammar/punctuation errors, repetition, slang, clichés, and wordiness.
  • Write smart and effective, e-mails and memos.
  • Compose direct claim, request, adjustment letters as well as goodwill messages.
  • Write effective persuasive messages and sales messages.
  • Write bad-news messages sensitively and ethically.
  • Prepare an oral presentation with appropriate visuals, correct citations, and an outline.
  • Research resources to solve problems independently.



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