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BTS 110 Web Essentials for Communication • 5 Cr.


Introduces internet research, web design tools, web communication and networking websites and tools, browser basics, web search strategies, evaluating and using online resources, writing in HTML, creating effective web pages, and Internet and web security. Projects combine professional writing, computer and web authoring software skills, website creation and design, and presentation skills.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Compare and research Web browser software.
  • Write professional, concise, correct e-mail messages.
  • Create an original Web page using HTML.
  • Use search engine strategy and various Internet resources to find information on the Internet; determine validity of online resources.
  • Design and create a website using web-authoring software. Demonstrate good web writing and web design.
  • Examine and research mailing lists, newsgroups, blogs, podcasts, social networking sites, and wikis as information resources.
  • Research and explain security threats and safety on the Internet.
  • Create professional, readable, organized, grammatically correct homework documents.
  • Develop and design a website in a team.
  • Research and add links to external sources.
  • Present the site as a team to the class group.
  • Research resources to solve problems independently

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