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BTS 293 Business Technology Practicum • 5 Cr.


Students apply business technology tools and skills in a project environment to accomplish actual goals and objectives at the college. These projects, which require application of technical expertise, may include event management, peer mentoring, grant writing, and similar activities. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, communication techniques, time management, project management and other topics that assist students in integrating technical skills into business careers. This class is best taken toward the end of program completion. Recommended prerequisite: a minimum of 15 credits in BTS courses.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply technology skills in a real-time project environment by completing actual projects in the college organization.
  • Develop and implement project plans, utilizing business technology tools and skills.
  • Work collaboratively in a project team environment comprised of diverse members.
  • Communicate project progress verbally and in writing.
  • Review current technology skills and learn new technology skills using available resources.
  • Complete self-assessments to identify personal learning, communication, and management styles to identify the strengths you bring to a work environment.
  • Understand and apply adult learning, change management, productivity, and leadership concepts.
  • Research resources for technical information, personal and career development, and business project implementation strategies.
  • Learn to make learning, research, and self-study a life-long pursuit.



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