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BUS 103 Personal Savings • 1 Cr.


Part of a series of courses that present core components of personal finance applicable to individuals and financial service workers. Savings, the banking industry and its products and services, savings returns, and evaluating alternative savings vehicles are covered. Students create an annual budget, set financial goals and determine the risks and returns of various savings vehicles, and create a personal net worth statement.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Differentiate between annual budget and long term financial goals (2,3)
  • Discuss and quantify major financial goals such as car, education, retirement (3)
  • Set individual long term financial goals (3)
  • Assess the risk associated with each of these goals (4)
  • Determine how much has to be saved annually to achieve these goals using the time value of money (5,6)
  • Review several types of bank accounts (1,7)
  • Evaluate which is the best account for expenses and savings (1,7)
  • Calculate the cost (in annual percent) of insufficient funds or other bank fees (1,5)
  • Creating a net worth statement (8)



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