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CEO 100 Introduction to College Level Learning • 5 Cr.


General introduction to the cognitive and affective skills needed to succeed in life, education and career: understanding the difference between high school and college expectations to achieve academic success, and development of self-esteem, commitment, responsibility, persistence, respect and positive attitude. Prerequisites: Participant in CEO Program, concurrent enrollment with CEO 101 and 105.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to access resources on the internet through in-class and homework assignments.

  • Develop an education, life and career plan of action that includes short and long-term goals with specific action steps.

  • Demonstrate ability to analyze skills, interests and personal characteristics to determine a career direction.

  • Demonstrate ability to access information on career fields, occupations and organizations.

  • Demonstrate ability to create a focused and effective resume that highlights skills and accomplishments that will attract the attention of employers.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of transfer and professional/technical degree and certificate programs.

  • Select a program of study.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the college enrollment process.

  • Identify their primary learning style.

  • Demonstrate understanding of techniques that enhance their primary learning style.

  • Demonstrate ability to effectively prepare for and take tests.

  • Demonstrate ability to read a textbook with improved retention and comprehension.

  • Demonstrate ability to take effective notes in lectures and from reading materials.

  • Demonstrate effective time management.

  • Demonstrate effective personal financial management.

  • Demonstrate ability to access campus and community resources to maximize learning.

  • Demonstrate ability to think critically.

  • Demonstrate ability to effectively produce, assess and communicate ideas.


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