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CHIN& 122 Chinese II • 5 Cr.


Introduces functional language ability in spoken and written Chinese. Continues elements of Chinese culture. Students practice sounds and tones, vocabulary, and grammatical constructions, practice pronunciation and Chinese characters writing and use Chinese in authentic situations. Recommended: CHIN& 121 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify thirty descriptive words. For instance, large, happy, famous or horrible and the like. In a vocabulary quiz listing ten such descriptive words, students will be able to translate eight of them correctly.
  • Write Chinese character equivalents of those descriptive words. In a vocabulary test students will be able to correctly write eight out of ten of these characters.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a short passage on an everyday topic and be able to summarize the main points of the passage with eighty per cent accuracy. For example, after listening to a passage on the history of China, they will recognize references to generally known historical facts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a passage spoken by a classmate and summarize the main points of that talk. For example, they will be able to write about someone’s school, what their classes are like and what their student life is like.
  • Present a two minute speech in Chinese and convey ten facts about their town with eighty percent accuracy.
  • Read a passage written in Chinese characters about someone’s hometown and answer questions designed to test their comprehension. For example, the passage might explain someone’s birthplace and listeners will answer questions about the passage with eighty percent accuracy.
  • Use a Chinese word processor and write a passage described above that has fewer than four errors.
  • Compose a calligraphic work of their own choosing in semi-cursive form and instructor will judge that work after traditional aesthetic principles.



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