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CJ& 110 Criminal Law • 5 Cr.


Surveys theories and concepts of law pertaining to the criminal justice system. Topics include the Revised Code of Washington and specific state and federal constitutional amendments.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use the basic vocabulary of law (e.g., culpability, mens rea, probable cause, rule of law, etc.)
  • Distinguish between “Common Law", the “Model Code”, and the “Revised Code of Washington”.
  • Explain the categories and sources of criminal and civil law.
  • Accurately and informatively explain and give examples of the conceptual and statutory differences between “civil” and “criminal” law.
  • Explain why general knowledge of “criminal” and “civil” law is important in the daily lives of all citizens.
  • Identify, explain and discuss in writings and discussions the theory behind the development of “criminal” and “civil” laws.
  • Explain the key elements to specific criminal statutes in the Revised Code of Washington.
  • Define, identify, and recognize the major purposes of criminal law.



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