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DRMA 106 American Musical Theatre • 5 Cr.


Traces the development of the American Musical from its roots to the newest musicals on and off Broadway including vaudeville, tap shows, classic musicals, rock musicals, through-sung musicals, and the trend setting and trend breaking shows of every era. Covers script (book), dance, music, production, thematic material, and the cultural context in which each show was written. Lectures, films, CD's, scripts and a text will be used.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify a process of analyzing a specific musical.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between musical theatre and culture through discussion and assignments in which the cultural context in which a musical is written as well as performed is examined.
  • Analyze how the songs, dances and book all work to tell the story of a musical.
  • Identify how controlling ideas and themes in politics and culture relate to musical theatre.
  • Identify the connection between the text of the musical and the finished product.
  • Describe and analyze the variety of subject material used in the history of the genre of musical theatre.
  • Evaluate the similarities and differences between the “Broadway” and “off Broadway” musical.
  • Identify and analyze the objectives of musical theatre including education, entertainment and enlightenment.

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