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EDUC& 204 Exceptional Child • 5 Cr.


New description: Examines the educational, social, and developmental patterns of children with special needs. Students explore the impact of disabilities on the children, their families, and on their futures. Includes information about federal and state legislation and programs designed for children with special needs. Recommended: EDUC& 115, ECED& 160, ECED& 170.


Three clinical hours per week


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the primary conditions for which children need additional support for optimal development and learning.
  • Discuss the impact of disabilities on children and families.
  • Describe the history and philosophy of special education in the United States.
  • Describe the different types of intervention programs designed for children with special needs.
  • Explain the process used to identify children with special needs.
  • Explain the purpose and components of an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan).
  • Explain the rights and role of the family in developing an IEP and IFSP.
  • Identify conditions and behaviors reflecting possible special needs.
  • Discuss professional and ethical guidelines for early childhood special educators.
  • Describe the least restrictive learning environment for young children with special needs.
  • Identify ways to observe and document child performance.
  • Explain ways to involve families in their child’s intervention plan with sensitivity to individual and cultural differences.



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