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EDUC& 205 Introduction to Education with Field Experience • 5 Cr.


Details the history, development, purposes, and processes of education. Students examine the teaching-learning process. Format includes lecture, discussion, and lab.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss some of the major trends in the educational system in the United States
  • Reflect on different aspects of the teaching-learning process through the active participation in an elementary classroom
  • Examine the issues of excellence and equity in the school system and reflect on whether American schools have succeeded in reaching these goals.
  • Understand and explain the historical development of American public schools
  • Name and discuss the major philosophies which have shaped educational policy and practices in American schools
  • Understand and discuss personal philosophical beliefs and how they relate to education and the way teachers teach
  • Understand and discuss how the concepts of diversity and culture affect education of America
  • Name and explain the different facets of the teaching process
  • Define “curriculum” and “instruction” and explain how they form the specific content for the learner
  • Identify different methods of instruction
  • Understand the district school board process
  • Understand the teacher certification process



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