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EDUC 240 Culture & Human Diversity in Education • 3 Cr.


Focus on concepts, theories, and strategies that constitute major dimensions of a culturally relevant anti-bias curriculum for early childhood and elementary education classrooms.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define the following terms: culture, ethnicity, race, bias, prejudice and diversity
  • Understand the social, political and economic origins and manifestations of racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism/homophobia, ableism, religious tolerance,and ageism
  • Describe one’s self in cultural ways
  • Recognize the social, political and economic issues that have shaped one’s experience as well as those of the children and families served in the educational setting
  • Identify resources that will support the ongoing development of cross cultural competency
  • Understand the impact of bias on the healthy growth and development of all children
  • Articulate the importance of culturally relevant practices, especially in regard to children from non-dominant cultures
  • Define and describe the following approaches: anti-bias, multicultural, culturally relevant, and bilingual/bicultural
  • Know how to plan an environment and generate activities that reflect the different approaches to and components of a culturally relevant anti-bias curriculum.
  • Identify culturally sensitive strategies for family involvement
  • Articulate the need for ongoing assessment and adjustment in relation to the implementation of a culturally relevant anti-bias curriculum.



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