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ELIUP 034 Speaking & Listening I • 4.5 Cr.


Students learn and practice using grammatical language in everyday situations, give and follow directions, ask for clarification, and apply appropriate vocabulary. Minimal pairs, intonation patterns and present and past tense verb endings are emphasized. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the ELI program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Speaking
    • Ask and answer simple information questions (Wh-questions, yes-no questions, “or” questions)
    • Use clear, logical and fairly accurate grammatical language in everyday survival situations (using the telephone, taking care of business in a bank, making healthcare appointments)
    • Give and follow directions
    • Ask for clarification
    • Demonstrate oral proficiency of the grammatical structures – simple present, past, future, present and past progressive
    • Use vocabulary appropriate to a given topic/setting
  • Pronunciation
    • Distinguish between and produce minimal pairs
    • Identify intonation patterns – declarative and questions forms
    • Identify and produce present and past tense final –s –ed endings
  • Listening
    • Distinguish the number of speakers in a taped conversation
    • Determine the main idea expressed by each speaker

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