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ELIUP 042 Grammar Level II • 4.5 Cr.


Students learn and practice more difficult sentence structures, verb tenses, modals, comparatives, adverbs of manner, and the usage of determiners and modifiers with nouns. Course is linked with ELIUP 041. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the ELI program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the mastery of Grammar 1 material
  • Demonstrate control of the 5 basic tenses—simple present, past, future, present and past progressive
  • Apply modals correctly to
  • Express necessity
  • Form polite questions and requests
  • Express lack of necessity and prohibition
  • Express expectation
  • Make suggestions
  • Identify and form comparative and superlative forms of adjectives (-er and more, -est and most)
  • Identify and form the simple, comparative, and superlative forms of adverbs
  • Rcognize and use different forms of nouns (singular, plural, count, non-count, collective), determiners (a, an, the, this, that, these, those), and adjectives correctly
  • Use the correct form of basic pronouns—subjective, objective, and possessive
  • Recognize and use compound subjects and verbs
  • Identify and produce grammatical and logical compound sentences using coordinating conjunctions(and, but, so, or)

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