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ELIUP 051 Writing Level III • 4.5 Cr.


Students master control of basic verb tenses in increasingly advanced intermediate level sentences and situations. They identify and produce accurate compound and complex sentences using passive, pronouns, and modals. Students apply the process of writing to paragraphs, mastering narrative, descriptive and expository modes. Greater accuracy of syntax and grammar are expected. Course is linked with ELIUP 052. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the ELI program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and apply the process of writing from generating ideas via brainstorming and free writing through draft writing and revisions to producing a final, polished draft
  • Produce level-appropriate in-class timed writings as well as compositions done as homework
  • Engage in both academic and creative writing for greater variety of written expression
  • Master the formal paragraph in the narrative, descriptive, and expository rhetorical modes
  • Develop ideas in a paragraph with substance and coherence
  • Develop ideas in a paragraph using examples, facts, opinions, and anecdotes to support a main idea
  • Organize paragraphs clearly and correctly according to their rhetorical modes
  • Write topic sentences that give the paragraph clear and appropriate focus
  • Use different sentence patterns to create sentence variety in a paragraph
  • Produce a paragraph that is coherent and unified
  • Demonstrate greater accuracy of grammar and syntax in written expressionb fragments, run-ons, comma splices, and double subjects
  • Incorporate editing and proofreading skills into the writing process
  • Use punctuation correctly

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