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ELIUP 071 Integrated Skills V • 4.5 Cr.


Course emphasizes academic writing skills, including formal instruction in sentence level expression (grammar). Assigned writing tasks are varied with an emphasis on timed writing and revision. Course is linked with ELIUP 072. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the ELI program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Grammar
    • Produce edited sentences that are virtually error free
  • Writing Outcomes
    • Demonstrate and apply the process of writing an essay from generating ideas through draft writing and revision to producing a final, polished essay
    • Understand and produce the rhetorical modes of argumentation and process, comparison/contrast, and cause/effect and creative writing
    • Produce an accurate paraphrase of a difficult passage
    • Produce an accurate summary from a lengthy reading
    • Develop ideas in paragraph form in correct response to essay questions
    • Demonstrate understanding of the purpose, form, and content of introductory and concluding paragraphs in an essay
    • Develop ideas with substance and coherence using details and examples, facts, opinions, and anecdotes to support the thesis
    • Write thesis statements that are complete and clear and give the essay focus
    • Write topic sentences that give each paragraph clear and appropriate focus
    • Write with unity and coherence both within and between paragraphs
    • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of sentence variety
    • Incorporate editing and proofreading skills into the writing process

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