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ENGR& 214 Statics • 4 Cr.


Explores principles of statics, vector algebra, force-couple relationships, equilibrium analysis, structures, area properties, beams, and friction. Prerequisite: PHYS 121 or MATH&254.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Manipulate vectors with graphical techniques and with component methods.
  • Compute the moment of a force about a point and about an axis.
  • Compute the moment of a couple.
  • Move an applied force to another point and retain an equivalent loading system.
  • Reduce a set of applied forces and moments to a single force.
  • Compute the equilibrium of a free-body loaded by non-concurrent forces.
  • Identify 2 force and 3 force bodies.
  • Perform truss analysis by the method of joints and the method of sections.
  • Determine the centroid of an area.
  • Generate the shear and moment diagrams of a beam given the beam loading.
  • Perform free-body equilibrium analysis with the inclusion of frictional forces.



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