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ENGR& 225 Mechanics of Materials • 4 Cr.


Introduces the concepts of stress, deformation, and strain in solid materials. Topics include basic relationships between loads on structural and machine elements such as rods, shafts, and beams, and the stresses, deflection and load-carrying capacity of these elements under tension, compression, torsion, bending, and shear forces. Prerequisite: ENGR& 214.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Perform a material analysis of an engineering structure under a given load: determining the types of stresses generated; computing material deformations; locating heavily stressed areas; and evaluating material behavior with respect to theories of elastic failure.
  • Define normal stress and shear stress
  • Identify the elastic and plastic regions of a stress-strain diagram.
  • Identify and compute the Modulus of Elasticity and the Modulus of Rigidity.
  • Define: elastic yield strength, ultimate strength, and true fracture stress.
  • List the characteristics of ductile and brittle materials.
  • Analyze axial loads, normal stress, and deformations in a structure.
  • Analyze torsional loads, shear stress, and angle of twist in a shaft.
  • Analyze bending loads: normal stress, shear stress, shear flow, internal moments, beam slope, and beam deflection.
  • Recognize composite material structures and select appropriate analysis method.
  • Recognize statically indeterminate situations and solve using deformation relationships.
  • Compare the effect of stress concentrations to standard stress computations.
  • Analyze pressure vessel, longitudinal and hoop stresses.
  • Compute principle normal and principle shear stresses for a given element loading, using analytical and graphical methods.
  • Determine the factor of safety for a structure using: principle stress calculations, elastic strength data, and ductile material theories of failure.



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