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FS 102 Introduction to Fire Prevention Practices • 3 Cr.


Examines the spectrum of fire prevention functions and philosophies and their relationships to fire suppression efforts. Students review legal mandates for fire prevention, fire inspection practices and processes, public education and public relations, plan review, fire codes and related regulations, and the need and process of fire investigation.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define the national fire problem and main issues relating thereto.
  • Recognize the need, responsibilities, and importance of fire prevention as part of an overall mix of fire protection.
  • Recognize the need, responsibilities, and importance of fire prevention organization.
  • Review minimum professional qualifications at the state and national level for Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, and Public Educator.
  • Define the elements of a plan review program.
  • Identify the laws, rules, codes, and other regulations relevant to fire protection of the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Discuss training programs for fire prevention.
  • Design media programs.
  • Discuss the major programs for public education.



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