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FS 111 Fundamentals of Firefighting • 7 Cr.


Develops introductory-level firefighting skills. Topics include fundamentals of safety, communications, behavior of fire, protective equipment, ladders and hoses, water supply, forcible entry, and rescue techniques.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • The student will learn and exercise the WA State adopted Personnel Accountability system and the Incident Command Systems, which are designed for emergency responder safety.
  • The student will learn the basics of alarm systems, radio communications, and fire ground communications during emergencies. The student will demonstrate proper and appropriate radio communications as specified by the FCC.
  • The student will learn the importance and proper use of all aspects of protective equipment used in the fire service.The student will learn proper use of self contained breathing apparatus as well as emergency troubleshooting, maintenance, and daily care routines.
  • The student will learn the principles, techniques, and equipment used in forcible entry for emergency responders.
  • The student will be introduced to fire service ladders. Learning will include information regarding construction and materials of ladders, ladder inspection and maintenance, and one and two person carries and raises.
  • The student will learn basic, introductory level information regarding fire hose and it's use in supplying water and discharging water at fire ground operations. Students will learn the construction, inspection and care of fire hose. Additionally, basic carries and drags will be taught.
  • The student will learn basic water supply evolution's and will demonstrate each method used at fire operations.
  • The student will participate in live fire training situations in structural burn rooms as part of the Burn to Learn program. The student will successfully attack fires involving common combustible materials inside a building.
  • The student will successfully complete the search and rescue "smoke maze". The student will demonstrate the ability to work as a team member in search and rescue exercises in controlled smoke filled training props.

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