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FS 113 Intermediate Firefighting • 8 Cr.


Continues FS 111 with additional basic skills training for fire service personnel. Topics include fire extinguishers, ventilation, ropes/knots, ladders, salvage, and sprinkler systems.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • The student will learn the different types of portable fire extinguishers and the proper use of each. The student will learn the different types of extinguishing agent and the appropriate use and method of application for each. The student will attack a variety of fires using portable fireextinguishers.
  • The student will be taught, and will demonstrate the principles of ventilation and forcible entry as they apply to structural firefighting. The student will demonstrate the use of all specialized tools and equipment used in ventilation and forcible entry.
  • The student will learn to tie all fire service knots and the appropriate use of each. The student will demonstrate all knots while securing and hoisting fire service equipment.
  • The student will learn ladder operations with ladders between twenty four and thirty six feet. The student will learn and demonstrate ground ladder lifts, carries and raises with large ground ladders as part of a four and six person team. The student will use standard and bangor style ladders.
  • In intermediate hose operations, the student will learn wyeing, reducing and extending overhauls. The student will extend hose up and down stairwells and ladders. The student will manage single person hand lines and work as a team member on four to six person hose teams.
  • The student will learn the importance and process of post fire salvage operations conducted by fire departments. Work ethic is stressed as part of the salvage course. The student will also learn the fire overhaul process and the importance of thoroughness to prevent rekindle of the fire.
  • The student will learn individual and team methods of search and rescue. Rescue techniques will be demonstrated by the student using lifts, carries and drags in low visibility and hostile environments.
  • The student will learn water supply operations in emergency situations where municipal supply sources are not available. Students will learn to draft water for fire fighting from swimming pools, lakes and rivers. Students will learn to use portable ponds and will demonstrate the construction of one using tarps and ladders.
  • Students will learn the principles of automated fire sprinkler system protection. They will demonstrate knowledge of types of systems and types of sprinkler heads. The student will demonstrate the operation of a main control valve, and plugging fused heads. The student will demonstrate supporting sprinkler systems with water supply.

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