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FS 131 Fire Service Instructor • 3 Cr.


Emphasizes the study, application, and evaluation of teaching methodology and techniques that can prepare an individual as a fire service instructor. Course meets NFPA 1041 standards.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify the basic traits of adult learner.
  • Describe the basic elements that motivate people to learn.
  • Given a demonstration, identify four components of communication.
  • List five characteristics of effective instruction.
  • Identify and describe the following components of a lesson plan:
  • Identify and discuss instructor attitudes and language that contribute to student success.
  • Describe the learning environment and how it impacts student retention.
  • Demonstrate effective use of media equipment and various teaching aids.
  • Repoduce a 20 minute lesson plan using two tyes of instructional media.
  • Recall the importance of the use of questioning as a learning tool.
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak in a clear, modulated voice, free of distracting mannerisms, and language errors.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate student performance during the 20-minute presentation.
  • Demonstrate appropriate evaluation of a written test, an oral examination and a performance test.
  • State the benefits and purpose of training records and report forms including progressand achievement reports.
  • Describe equal opportunity and affirmative action programs in relationship to fire service instruction.
  • Identify NFPA standards that regulate safety practices.

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