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FS 150 Intermediate Fire Scene Investigation • 3 Cr.


Recalls elements in basic fire investigation. Discussion of motives and laws affecting juvenile fire setters both criminal and non-criminal. Covers investigation of fire scenes that involve injuries or fatalities, electrical causes of fires, and the compilation of information into reports for a case ready presentation. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 and FS 101 and FS 130 and FS 152 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the rule of law as it pertains to arrest, search and seizure procedures and their application to fire investigations.
  • Recognize and interpret fire scenes common to various types of fires.
  • Describe the chemistry of combustion and the relationship of atoms, elements, compounds, and organic compounds on fire.
  • Explain the nature and behavior of fire including the effects of heat.
  • Explain and identify the combustion properties of liquids, gases and solid fuels.
  • Identify and explain electrical causes of fires.
  • List and explain the procedures for lifting fingerprints, evidence collection and preservation.
  • List and identify the make-up and use of incendiary devices, explosives, and bombs.
  • List the procedures for documenting fire scenes, including sketching, photography, and report writing.
  • Analyze fire-related deaths and injuries and describe methods of documentation.
  • Identify the techniques for interviewing and questioning suspects and subjects.
  • Explain the role of the investigator in courtroom proceedings including courtroom demeanor and testifying.
  • Identify and list the sources and technology available for fire investigations.
  • Identify and analyze the causes involved in the line of duty firefighter deaths related to structural and wildland firefighting, training and research and the reduction of emergency risks and accidents.

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