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FS 190 Fire Inspection & Codes • 4 Cr.


Studies International Fire Code as applied to fire prevention inspections at the fire company level. Students relate the IFC to the International Building Code and other recognized standards. Students take a realistic approach to field application. Prerequisite: FS 110 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the code enforcement system and the fire inspector’s role in that system.
  • Describe the codes and standards development and adoption processes.
  • Describe the difference between prescriptive and performance based codes.
  • Describe the legal authority and limitations relevant to fire code inspections.
  • Describe the importance of through documentation.
  • Recognize ethical practices for the code enforcement officer.
  • Explain the application, and interrelationship of codes, standards, recommended practices and guides.
  • Describe the differences in low codes apply to new and existing structure.
  • Identify appropriate codes and their relationship to other requirements for the built environment.
  • Describe the political, business, and other interest that influence the code enforcement process.
  • Identify the professional development process for code enforcement practitioners.

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